Every enquiry received will be treated and studied with care to comprehend individual client’s condition.

On site observation and inspection will be executed in order to suggest effective solutions to each distinctive scenario. Subject to the level of complexity, meticulous case analysis and functionality test will be conducted during a brainstorming session.

A proposal that includes specifications of product and draft drawing will be completed with the aid of computer-aided design software.

Discussion with several departments including the designing, purchasing, fabrication, testing & commissioning departments will be carried out so as a project schedule can be documented.

Fabrication, assembly testing and commissioning will be conducted by the team of professionals in GSE, in accordance to the designed specifications and project schedule.

Installation of product upon delivery and after sales services will be provided.

The following chart explains our workflow in brief.

In the effort the better serve you, our team at GSE always work hand-in-hand to deliver products of the highest possible quality.