Drying Oven Machine Design

Drying oven is being used to remove moisture through the process of evaporation. Engineering processes such as pre-treatment, washing, leak test, and several others require the use of this industrial oven to heat up liquid and subsequently to remove the liquid from the surface of a product. Having stated such, it is of no doubt that a drying oven is an important machine in the production line of engineering. It is widely applied in a great number of industries where the automotive needs it in the manufacturing of parts like rim, radiator, and windshield wiper; the air conditioning industry uses it in the making of condenser coil, compressor, and evaporator coil; meanwhile the medical uses it in the production of catheter and glove.

GSE offers different types of drying ovens covering both the batch and the conveyerized ones. With electrical heater, gas burner, steam, or hot water as a heating medium, the ovens are tested to generate superior heating performance. In most cases, the drying process of a steel product takes 10-20 minutes under the temperature of 100-160 degree Celcius whereas a plastic product is put to dry for 1-20 minutes at the heat of 80-140 degree Celcius. However, the temperature and duration are subjects to change depending on the thermal conductivity of the material that the product is made of.

Proper temperature control and air ventilation of a drying oven are of utmost importance as these factors impact the final outcome. In the light of this fact, GSE as a professional industrial oven manufacturer is assiduous in making sure that each industrial oven is designed to generate the best result possible. Being client-centric, GSE is friendly in reaching out to each client who eyes on a drying oven for sale. GSE is committed to provide each client with an oven that meets his/her industrial requirements, without fail.