Industrial Washing Machine

The GSE Industrial Washing Machine is a multipurpose unit that is custom made to clean a broad range of different industrial and commercial equipment. In addition to simple water-based cleaning for dust removal, the unit can be tailored for antirust treatment, heavily deposited oil removal and hygiene maintaining of laboratory and hospital equipment. The applications of GSE industrial Washing Machine are, but not limited to, cleaning of medical equipment such as catheter trolleys, pallets, moveable beds etc. In the automotive industry, it can be used as an anti-rust machine for drive shafts inboard and outboard. Also for cleaning of vehicle’s condenser and radiator as well as oil removal.

GSE industrial washing machine can be operated in batch wise or continuously according to the production needs, type of washing method required and material handling method that is implied. The flexibility of operation of the GSE industrial cleaning machine makes it top of the line washing unit worldwide. The custom designed machine can accommodate the cleaning for the required capacity.

GSE Industrial washing machines are highly reliable in their operation, tested thoroughly for various environments and conditions. The selection of cleaning agent for a specific purpose is very important. The cleaning agent used for disinfecting hospital trolley are different from the ones used in washing oily radiators of a car. Therefore in order to get the optimum results, GSE recommends the selection of proper cleaning agent and washing method for the system.

GSE always focuses on environmental protection and promotes green technology. A special recycling and recovery system of cleaning agent is available. The recycling of light and heavy oils removed is also available.