Pretreatment Plant & Line

A pretreatment plant is an integral part of the manufacturing process. The core function of a pretreatment plant is to remove contaminants from materials prior to coating. Wet coating, powder coating, and electrophoretic deposition coating all require pretreatment prior to their application making a pretreatment line an indispensable part of the process. Without proper pretreatment, the coating phase of the production process will be of low quality. The statement indicates that careful selection of a pretreatment solution is a requirement.

A variety of industries depend on pretreatment plants to prepare product for the coating phase of the production process. Automotive and motorcycle parts such as rims, wiper strips, frames, and other accessories use pretreatment. Other industrial uses of pretreatment include preparation of metal casings, compressors, metal louvers, and dampers.

In GSE, pretreatment plants are available in either a batch or conveyorised style to accommodate the particulars of specific capacity and material requirements. Application requirements vary depending on the requirements of production capacity, material handling, and coating method. Powder coating pretreatment often uses multi-stage spray washers and accelerators or oxidisers. Wet coating pretreatment processes can use spray pressure cleaning or a pressure washer. Pretreatment for electrophoretic deposition coating can prepare metals for anodic e-coating (less common) or cathodic e-coating (more common). Regardless of the particular coating method, the core activities in the pretreating processes are degreasing, etching, de-smutting, phosphating and/or chromating. Generally, reverse osmosis water or deionized water are applied in the final step of a pretreatment plant to assure all contaminants are removed and the metal surface is in pristine condition for the coating phase.

The key to selecting the proper design of a pretreatment solution is chemical selection. Each phase of the pretreatment process must minimize chemical water carryover to avoid degrading the performance of each chemical. At the conclusion of the process, the materials will be clean and the bonding and adherence characteristics of the treated metals will be significantly increased.

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