Powder Coating Oven

Powder coating oven, as its name suggests, deals directly with the powder coating process. The high temperature released by the oven melts the thermoset powder and subsequently allows chemical reactions to take place before the materials reaches its full curing state.

Known to be one of the most common curing ovens, powder coating oven is a well-received industrial oven in Malaysia as well as in overseas countries for the excellent benefits it offers. Among the advantages of powder coating includes nearly zero emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC), dry finishing process, and thick coating surfaces, to name a few.

With a goal to provide professional engineering solutions, GSE offers a great deal of powder coating ovens, covering the batch ovens as well as the conveyorized ovens. We are pleased to deliver our services upon throughout understanding on your industrial needs – the required production capacity, material handling method, etc.

We at GSE place meticulous attention to the design of our industrial ovens, knowing that every aspect matters to the final output. Our powder coating ovens are each programmed with well-made airflow system to speed up the heating time in addition to generate uniform heating, promising the highest standard of service in the shortest period of time possible.

Temperature and time are two vital factors that need to be carefully handled in the bid to provide a complete curing process. There is no fixed figure for temperature and time as they vary according to the specifications of the powder paint used. However, temperature range of 180-220 degree Celsius is common in the industry for a heating process of 10-20 minutes.

Using liquid petroleum gas or natural gas as a heating medium, the powder coating ovens in GSE are capable to provide tough finishing and protection. Having run the business for over 20 decades, we pride ourselves for the vast experience in coating various items such as automotive parts (i.e. drive shaft, rim wheel, radiator), metal louver, wire shelf for refrigerator, and the like.