Heat Treatment Oven or Furnace

A heat treatment oven / furnace is a key engineering tool for a variety of applications and markets. This oven makes important manufacturing and finishing processes possible. Tempering, annealing, degreasing, quenching, drying, curing, and baking are among the processes made possible by a high quality heat treating oven.

A myriad of industries depend on heat treatment as part of their manufacturing procedures and industrial automation solutions. Manufacturers in the automobile, aircraft, oil & gas, and industrial sectors use a heat treatment oven for metal casings, air-conditioning parts, engine blocks, lamps, plumbing equipment, turbine and countless other accessories. Meanwhile, in the medical sector, heat treatment is used for curing and drying catheters and surgical glove.

Heat treatment ovens or furnaces in GSE are available in either a batch or conveyorised style to accommodate the particulars of specific capacity and material requirements. Possible heating mediums for the ovens are electric, gas burner, steam, or hot water. The majority of heat treatment processes call for a temperature range of 60 to 300 degrees Celsius for up to three days, while highly specialized processes require higher operating temperatures. Examples of these specialised applications include Teflon coating (450 degrees Celsius), oil & gas chip burning (650 degrees Celsius), and Thermal Post Combustion Systems (1300 degrees Celsius). Options are available to meet the challenges of each of these unique applications. Through proper planning, heat treating ovens can be integrated into a scalable, high-capacity manufacturing solution or used in a highly specialized production process.

The key to selecting the correct heat treating oven or set of heat treating ovens for a given application is determining the requirements based upon capacity, material, and production processes. Additionally, reduced carbon dioxide emissions and increased efficiency are important criteria to consider, and a properly planned heat treating solution can meet these needs. The heat treatment ovens in GSE are capable of meeting the manufacturing needs of today’s market in a scalable and sustainable fashion and can be seamlessly integrated into modern manufacturing and finishing environments. It is this exceptional capability in GSE that has made it known as a renowned quality heat treatment oven provider in Malaysia.