• Ensure the following commissioning processes are carried out in an efficient manner
  • To run the testing & commissioning (where applicable) effectively & timely before delivery
  • To assist the engineer to carry out the testing & commissioning at site.
  • To attend & follow through customer’s machine/line/system break down & customer complaint.
  • To communicate, clarify & confirm with customer the issue reported.
  • To trouble shoot the issue i.e mechanical, electrical or software related.
  • To suggest ways to fix/ fix the issue.
  • To prepare a servicing report / documented the issue or the problem fixed. To feed back to engineer.
  • To read, draw & understand the electrical diagram, circuit to understand, read & design a control panel or PLC.
  • To carry out secondary wiring & panel looping.
  • To install, test & run the electrical & electronic equipment
  • To operate the AC & DC system, Star or Delta connector
  • To operate the sensor, pneumatic, conveyor speed, motor heater, burner, air supply unit, controller, power supply unit, inverter, temperature controller, multi-meter, clamp meter & other related equipment
  • Understanding of contracts and ensure works in accordance to contract specifications and as  per schedule
  • Preparation daily site report/progress report and feedback/report to Project Manager on any site problems
  • To plan, coordinate and monitor subcontractor’s activities at project sites
  • To maintain good house-keeping and implement safety practices


  • Degree / Diploma / Certificate in Engineering or equivalent relevant skills & working experince
  • Customer service, Engineering, Design & Project Management Skill
  • Analytical i.e. able to break down the issues & find out the root cause
  • Preferable at least 2 years working experience in related field

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  • Design system or machine which cater to customer’s and company’s requirement in terms of Project handling & management
  • Select cost effective material and components & place order timely.
  • Prepare BOM, detailed design drawing and design calculation.
  • To attend to site testing & commissioning (if required) and ensure production performance meet the customer’s requirement.
  • To continuously review, update, take proactive actions of the development of the design & process made and stay ahead of the schedule.
  • To develop & improve the design; system; machine; design standard & drawing standards.
  • To plan, manage and control the project schedule.
  • Develop, co-ordinate, monitor and manage all aspect of the project from design, fabrication, testing, site installation, commissioning, QC up until hand over/factory acceptance test (FAT) and after sales services.
  • To communicate & co-ordinate effectively across all levels.
  • To follow up the status of part delivery, project progress, quality of the product as per specification required.


  • Possess at least at Certificate in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
  • Preferable at least 2 years working experience in Mechanical Design and Poject Management
  • Required language(s): English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese
  • Analytical skills in Engineering
  • Engineering calculation; including; air flow, heat transfer, pressure load etc
  • Auto CAD,3D Design Software Experience (preferable Autodesk Inventor) & Microsoft Office

If you are interested, kindly email your complete resume (with attached photograph) to or