Industrial Oven

One of the utmost important factors affecting the performance of an industrial oven is the precision of its heat load calculation. Our industrial ovens have the capability of heating up to 500 Degree Celsius. For target temperature of 500 Degree Celsius above up to 1400 Degree Celsius, we will categorize them as Furnace.  They go well with several types of heating mediums such as liquid petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas, electric, hot water, and steam.

Available either as a conventional batch oven or a conveyorised oven, each of our industrial ovens is designed to be of high energy efficiency and space-saving.

Our industrial ovens are tested on its thermal profile and uniformity of heat distribution before we hand them to our clients. Such efforts guarantee steady and long-lasting performances of our products.

We are experienced in heating and drying parts made of the following materials: Metal, Plastic, Rubber, Glass, Wood.

The list below shows some usages of our industrial ovens:
Drying, Curing for powder or wet paint coating, Degreasing, Bonding, Burnt Out or baking, Heat Soaking, Aging, Heat Exchanger, Annealing, Tempering.

industrial oven in malaysia