Glove Dipping Machine

GSE own most experienced designers and producers of glove dipping machines. The high-quality dipping machine designed to operate batch wise, provides flexibility of operation and ability to alter the dipping profiles. The batch operation of GSE glove dipping machine offers a unique industrial solution for producing the best quality and uniform composition gloves at a large scale.

The GSE glove dipping machine can be used to produce high quality sanitized medical surgery hand gloves with the desired coatings conferring to the customer’s preferences. Glove dipping, glove coloring, glove sanitizing, glove finishing and glove curing are the processes that need great attention and precise operation of the glove dipping machine. GSE delivers the best engineering solution by deploying adjustable control servo motors. Adjustable control servo motors give a precise control over the dipping speeds. This accuracy of operation results in the production of high-quality gloves having a uniform thickness. The obtained final finishing, using GSE glove dipping machine, is of the superior quality.

GSE glove dipping machine can produce different types of gloves depending on the final finish during dipping. In comparison with the continuous machines, where chain speeds are fixed and an increase in speeds can reduce oven curing times; thus resulting in low quality gloves. GSE batch dipping machine ensures high quality glove development and provides an option for testing and producing the new type of gloves and other products. The testing of a batch can be performed when the full production of the current product is under its way.

The innovation and industrial automation involved in the manufacturing of glove dipping machines ensures that the equipment will work flawlessly for a longer period of time. GSE has created its place in the forefront of the industry by using progressive systems and efficient processes for equipment manufacturing.