Industrial Oven

Industrial ovens are important machines in manufacturing. Being designed to industrial usage, these ovens are not only heavy duty, but they also get the job done consistently. They have become integral components for most engineering solutions across various sectors. Industrial ovens are employed in a wide range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical and more! Here are some of the most used types of industrial ovens.

Vacuum Drying Oven

Primary function of vacuum drying ovens is to perform removal of moisture from certain materials. This works primarily lowering the boiling point of the liquid via modifying the ambient pressure. A lower boiling point makes it easier for the liquid to vaporize and subsequently removed. As the required temperature may be lower, it also has minimal effect onto the material itself. Vacuum drying ovens are commonly used in medical, food and electronic industries.

Heat Treating Oven

This oven makes important manufacturing and finishing processes possible. Tempering, annealing, degreasing, quenching, drying, curing, and other industrial processes are made possible by a high quality heat treating oven. In fact, heat treatment ovens are indispensable engineering tools for many industries. Engine blocks, plumbing equipping, surgical gloves, metal casings and air conditioning parts all involve the usage of a heat treating oven.

Industrial Conveyer Oven

Automation is a core component for all modern manufacturing lines. Being able to deliver components and products that are consistent and uniform is crucial. Industrial conveyer ovens ensure that products receive uniform heating throughout its journey on the production line. With a fixed speed, each component receives uniform heating and duration as well. This consistent characteristic makes it a suitable choice for carrying out high volume production processes.

Industrial Curing Oven

Curing is a process in which a component or material is being strengthened via certain processes. In this case, heat curing helps to promote thermal cross-linking which makes the component stronger. Modern curing ovens are highly customizable to suit the materials involved. As a result, you get maximum efficiency while ensuring even heat distribution.

Powder Coating Oven

As the name suggests, a powder coating oven is an important. The main function of the oven is to ensure the thermoset powder is melted which lets it cure fully for a strong bonding via a dry finishing process. Powder coating is largely employed to its thick coating surface and also zero emission of volatile organic compounds.

Burn Off Oven

Burn off ovens use high heat to remove chemicals or coatings that have been baked onto the surface. They are used as a safe and effective method to remove coatings when compared with abrasion, which could also damage the surface or components.