Spray Painting Line

Our world-class spray painting lines, equipped with advanced robotic painting technology, have made us a distinguished leader in developing some of the finest finishing and painting systems in Malaysia. The two primary kinds of coating systems we employ are powder coating machines and wet coating machines (also referred to as conventional liquid coating machines). The powder coating machines utilize electrostatic guns to coat metal parts, while the wet coating machines can coat both metal and plastic parts with the flexibility of using electrostatic charging paint. The powder coating machines deliver better protection compared to the common wet coating machines.

At the GSE coating plant, we have the capability to adapt to the required production capacity or the type of coating process by employing either a batch type or conveyorized type coating process. Our different modes of the coating process, manual or automatic, provide further flexibility to better suit your needs. In the case of the manual coating process, an operator holds the manual spray gun to coat the product, while in the auto mode, the auto spray gun is held by a robot, reciprocator, or a manipulator.

In our commitment to offering the best engineering services, we have integrated robotic painting systems into our paint lines. These robotic painting systems provide precise and consistent application of paint, ensuring high-quality finishes. The robots are programmed to follow specific paths and apply the paint with accuracy, resulting in efficient and uniform coatings.

Furthermore, as part of our comprehensive services, we perform the pre-treatment process of cleaning the material before coating it. Additionally, we meticulously grind the powder to achieve the best powder transfer efficiency in the powder coating machines. We recognize that dust can be the biggest enemy of the finished product, and hence we employ appropriate humidity and ventilation control procedures to maintain a clean and controlled environment.

Our spray painting lines find applications in various industries, including the automobile industry. In the automotive sector, our painting systems are used to coat automotive parts such as radiators, rim wheels, car bumpers, lamps, and buttons. Additionally, heavy industries rely on our spray painting lines to coat wire shelves of refrigerators or metal casings of air conditioners, protecting them from corrosion. The electronics industry also benefits from our coating systems, which are used to develop plastic parts such as mobile phones and video cameras.

At GSE, we are committed to delivering best-in-class engineering services at competitive prices, and our spray painting lines, integrated with robotic painting technology, are a testament to fulfilling this promise.