Catheters Dipping Line

As a specialist in heavy industry machinery, GSE provides machinery for the medical industry such as the catheter dipping line, in which GSE has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing this product.

GSE’s catheter dipping line fulfills all the basic requirements for the dipping and drying process, ensuring that the catheters produced have high quality that meets the standards of the medical industry. Moreover, the equipment used for this machine has been made according to general safety guidelines to prevent accidents from happening.

The catheter dipping line that we have provides is latex dipping, which is a material commonly used for build-up latex catheters, besides silicone catheters. The catheter dipping machine that we made also apply in catheters hydrophilic coating process. The dipping motion is programmable; therefore staffs can easily make changes to the settings according to the production requirements of every single batch. The number of dipping in each solution, the time needed to immerse the catheters in each solution and the time needed to transfer the catheters from one solution to another are part of the settings that can be adjusted according to the requirements. Additionally, the dipping motion of the machine has been tested for precision, giving you the exact measurement for coating while making sure not to miss out on any areas.

The machine allows automatic conveyance and also manual transfer of the catheters from one process to another, depending on the production capacity required. The time taken for the drying process which comes after the coating is very quick as well. At the same time, the smooth material handling system enables the dipping process to be efficient and it maintains the consistency of the product quality. The catheter dipping machine that GSE manufactures emphasises on quality and efficiency, thus we guarantee high quality catheters to fulfill the needs of all our clients in the medical industry.

Besides supplying machinery for the catheter dipping process, GSE also manufactures machinery for the glove and condom dipping process. GSE also manufactures a wide array of machinery for all types of industrial automation solutions such as industrial ovens, surface finishing systems, fabrication services and more. As experts in this industry, we are ever-ready in giving you quality products for all your industrial automation solutions.