Painting & Finishing System

Whether it is to prevent material corrosion or provide an exquisite touch, finishing and painting systems play a crucial role. At General System Engineering Sdn Bhd, we are proud to be a distinguished leader in delivering high-quality painting and finishing systems in Malaysia.

Our coating plant is equipped with advanced coating machines that ensure an outstanding finish for various materials. We specialize in three types of coating machines: powder coating, wet coating, and Electro-deposition (ED) coating machines. Our powder coating machine utilizes an electrostatic gun to coat metal parts, while our wet coating system can apply coatings with or without electrostatic charging. ED coating machines apply a plastic layer on metal surfaces using electricity.

At our coating plant, we follow a systematic approach, including pre-treatment and post-treatment processes such as cleaning and curing, to ensure optimal results for every material. To control dust during the use of wet coating machines, we employ suitable ventilation systems. Our coating process offers flexibility, with both batch and conveyorized options available. Depending on product requirements, we utilize both manual and automated coating lines.

Our automatic spray painting system provides comprehensive finishing, producing sophisticated products that meet the highest quality standards. Temperature and humidity control are critical for water-based and certain solvent-based paints. Therefore, our spray painting lines are equipped with precise temperature and humidity control in the spray booths, ensuring fantastic results. Our finishing and painting systems cater to various industries, including automotive, HVAC, and general industries.

In summary, General System Engineering Sdn Bhd is a premier manufacturer of spray booths and coating machines, offering complete and durable products ready to meet market demands. Our expertise covers wet coating systems, robotic painting and paint shop systems. Contact us today to experience the excellence of our painting and finishing systems.