Wet Spray Booth

A wet spray booth is utilized to spray paint or to coat a material with an aim to enhance its functionalities or for ornamental purposes. Built with the best-in-class material, our spray booths are designed to provide a long-lasting finish on the material surface. Our wet coating machines (or conventional liquid coatings) have the capacity to coat metal & plastic parts with or without electrostatic charging paint. With several years of experience, our competent experts at GSE have an excellent understanding of the coating process. To get the finest results, we provide both pre-treatment and post-treatment in the coating process. We understand the value of a dust-free and clean environment while using a wet spray booth. Hence, we employ an efficient dust control system and superior ventilation system in our coating process.

Wet spray booth used for painting systems could broadly be classified into two categories – water paint based or solvent based paints. Either type, a precise temperature & humidity control is mandatory. Hence, we provide accurate temperature & humidity controls for the smooth running of the process. We can customize the coating process by delivering either batch type or conveyorized type coating methods, depending on the production capacity required, the material handling method, and the desired coating method.

In line with our pledge towards taking industrial automation in Malaysia to the highest level, we offer dual options for operation of the spray booth, namely-manual and auto. In the manual coating process, the operator holds a manual spray gun to coat the material; while in the auto mode, the auto spray gun is held by a robot and a manipulator.

Being a distinguished leader in the engineering industry, we are determined to create products that pass the highest safety standards. Thus, needless to say, our wet spray booths for heavy industry satisfy the international level quality requirements.