Industrial Conveyor Oven

Industrial conveyor oven is well-received in the production line that involves the process of drying, curing, annealing, tempering or baking. Consistent end result is guaranteed as the continuous belt, when adjusted to a fixed speed, allows all the products that go through the oven to receive uniform heating without any variation in temperature. The fore-mentioned feature makes it suitable to carry out high volume of an identical work.

GSE, being a highly competent industrial oven manufacturer, is able to supply several kinds of conveyor ovens that differ from each other in terms of width of belt, length of chamber, temperature adjustment, and several other aspects. The dissimilarities resulted from GSE’s principle to create each conveyor oven based on the individual client’s production requirements. Notwithstanding the differences in the design, the conveyor ovens manufactured by GSE are carefully planned to retain the maximum amount of heat within the ovens. The energy saving properties can also greatly reduce the process time needed. Speaking of time, the general process requires 10-60 minutes where the products are heated within a range of 60-250 degree Celsius, depending on the type of product and application. The heating mediums could be electrical heater, gas burner, UV (Ultraviolet) system, steam, or hot water, based on the preference of individual client.

It is not uncommon to see the use of conveyor oven in the automotive industries to manufacture parts like car bumper, lamp, condenser, regulator, etc. Conveyor oven is also beneficial to the medical industry where it is used in the curing of catheter after the catheter is coated; as well as in the curing of medical glove after the glove has gone through dipping. Shifting the focus to the food industry, conveyor oven plays a role to ease the grilling of food. There are many more industries in which a conveyor oven can contribute but it is almost impossible to name them all, considering the advancement of technology in engineering.