Coating Machine For Heavy Industry

Coating machine is utilized to add layer(s) to the surface of material in a bid to enhance the functionality or ornamental value of the material. In heavy industry, protecting material from corrosion, improving scratch resistance or enhancing surface smoothness are some of the primary applications of the coating machine. At GSE, we have an extensive know-how of developing three kinds of coating machine, namely – powder, wet and Electro-deposition (ED) coating machine. Powder coating machine coats metal parts by using an electrostatic gun while wet coating (or conventional liquid coatings) machine coats metal & plastic parts with or without electrostatic charging paint. ED coating machine coats metal parts by using electricity to deposit a layer of plastic coating on the metal surface.

When powder coating machine is utilized, the product is finely grounded to ensure the best powder transfer efficiency. The powder coating system provides a thicker coating in comparison with the wet coating process. Another advantage of powder coating process is that it does not emit any volatile organic compounds (VOC). At our coating plant, we ensure a quality ventilation control for smooth operation of dust-sensitive processes such as wet coating. In ED coating, the dipping coating concept ensures a full surface coverage of the product.

We provide dual options of batch type or conveyorised type coating process, subject to production capacity required, material handling method, and type of coating method. We deliver two forms of coating processes – manual or auto coating process. In a manual coating process, the operator holds a manual spray gun to coat the product while in the auto coating process, the auto spray gun is held by a robot, reciprocator, or manipulator.

In terms of application, parts of automobiles such as drive shaft, rim wheel, condenser, radiator, and wiper strip needs coating. In HVAC industry, air conditioner metal casing or motors have protecting coatings. Typical heavy industry parts such as metal casing, wire shelves for refrigerator, metal louver, and damper, all requires anti-corrosion coatings.