Aerospace Industry

Drop Bottom Furnace Malaysia

Industrial Drop Bottom Heat Treatment Furnace

Purpose :  Quenching process for aluminium parts
Special feature :  Class 2 heat treatment furnace with 7 seconds quench delay which comply to Aerospace standard AMS2750E
Project location : Malaysia
Year manufacturing : 2019

Drop bottom furnaces are designed ideally for heat treating of cast, forged, machined and various aluminum parts. Predominantly designed for heat treatment in the aerospace industries, these industrial furnaces are used for the process of solution annealing and subsequent rapid quenching of aluminum alloys. It meets compliance for AMS standards (2750E) and includes state-of-the-art instrumentation for precise control & temperature uniformity. The drop-bottom furnace is designed and built on a base in which a quench tank is positioned directly below the Class 2 furnace during product soaking and quenching before it moves horizontally to the side for loading and unloading process.