Powder Coating System

A powder coating system provides coating layer(s) on the surface of a material for varied applications including an anti-corrosive layer or for decorative purposes. Our teams of experts at GSE give an incredible attention to detail in the development of the best-in-class powder coating machines that use electrostatic guns to coat the metal parts. At our coating plant, we finely grind the powder to achieve supreme powder transfer efficiency. Our powder coating systems provide better protection or thicker layer as compared to common wet coating processes.

In order to obtain the most desired results, the material is pre-treated or cleaned before the coating process. A post-treatment system of curing is performed to attain a comprehensive and long-lasting coating. In general, the curing process is performed at a temperature of 180 – 220 ° C for a duration of 10 – 20 minutes. Depending on the application, at times the material to be coated has to be heated before the coating process. At our coating plant, we have the facility of providing a batch type or conveyorized type coating process, subject to production capacity required and the material handling method. The powder coating machines are capable of producing extremely thick coatings to enhance the protection of the material and boost its durability.

Anyone who is in search of powder coating system for sale should look no further as we offer the flexibility in operation by providing dual options of both manual and automatic operation. In the manual option, the operator can hold a manual spray gun to coat a product; while in the automatic option, the auto spray gun is held by a robot or a reciprocator.

Our powder coating line has earned positive reputations for serving and satisfying clients from countless industries including the automotive industry, HVAC industry, and numerous other industries.